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Sliphandles, Tongs, Kelly Drives

RS Machine manufactures and markets a wide range of oilfield-related products, components and tools on site at our shop, which is centrally located in Nisku, Alberta, just a few minutes south of Edmonton.

RSM Flex Slip Handles and Kelly Drives are custom designed to customer specifications. We also manufacture Tong parts, including pins and hangers for all makes and models; BOP components including seal holders, adapter rings, door bolts, hinge pins, studs and guide pins for all makes and models; and Frontier Swabbing Tool Traps.

Oilfield Handling Equipment

R.S.M. Flex Slip Handles

The RSM Flex slip handle was designed by R.S. Machine in 1990 to lessen injury to workers if rotary drill pipe slip or collar slip is inadvertently rotated. These flexible handles have a superior bonded rubber coating and are designed to accommodate all makes and models.  R.S. Machine supplies these handles to OEM customers and suppliers internationally.

slip handles, drill pipe slip, collar slip

R.S.M. Kelly Drive Bushing

R.S. Machine designed a Kelly Drive Bushing to accommodate 4KRVS rollers (both 3 ½ & 4 ½ square and hex).  This Kelly Drive features side-mounted rollers which allows for easy exchange of rollers without lids and studs.

Two models are manufactured and sold by R.S. Machine:

  • RSM-S - with a 4 roller configuration

  • RSM-D - with an 8 roller configuration to reduce Kelly & roller wear in directional drilling operations

R.S. Machine also manufactures and stocks rollers, shafts & wipers for all brands of Kelly Drive Bushings.

rollers, kelly drive bushingskelly drive bushings, side-mounted rollers, shafts and wipers

R.S.M. Manual Tong Components

R.S. Machine manufactures and stocks the following manual tong components:

  • R.S.M. tong pins for all Web Wilson style (C, B, AAX & H) and all BJ Style (C, B, DB, SDD)

  • R.S.M. tong hangers, hanger bolts and lifting eyes

  • R.S.M. tong line pins

manual tong components, tong pins, hanger bolts

Supply Slips

R.S. Machine stocks an assortment of new rotary pipe slips, casing and collar slips, safety clamps, rotary table bushings and tong jaws.  Please contact our sales department for pricing and availability.

rotary pipe slips, safety clamps, rotary table bushings

Blow Out Preventer (BOP)

R.S. Machine manufactures and stocks wiper ring seal holders, ram packing adapter rings, door bolts, hinge pins, hydraulic tubes, outlets, guide pins and spherical studs.

We also manufacture certified lifting lugs & spreader bars to accommodate all applications.


At R.S. Machine, our innovative management and journeymen perform routine and/or challenging welding & machining projects. Our welding department is manned with journeymen & B-pressure welders and is equipped with computerized cutting tables, mig, tig, stick and subarc machines and able to handle almost every task.

Our machine shop is equipped with multiple manual lathes, boring mills, press and milling machines.  Our lathes are capable of handling pieces up to 84 diameter and lengths up to 18 feet.

The CNC lathes and milling centers can do singles or production runs for many diverse projects. R.S. Machine manufactures and machines a vast array of components for various suppliers and fabricators to meet engineer specifications in a timely manner.

  • Frontier swabbing tool trap

  • A variety of flanges, sheaves, shafts and rollers

  • Tank industry: manway & cleanout frames, covers and flanges

  • Foundry: machine/finish water and sanitation manway frames and covers, tees, bends, cast sheaves, wheels and other miscellaneous components

  • Drilling rig:  Oil sands and Pipeline components

  • Overhead cranes: trolley wheels, shafts, plates and spreader bars

  • Fabrication

  • Molds (urethane industry)

Most of our products can be shipped world wide. Contact RS Machine to order the components you need.

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