Blow Out Preventer Components


Repairing, re-building and machining of BOPs

RS Machine provides the following repair and re-build services to BOP Certification companies:

  • Repair, buildup and machining by qualified welders and machinists in our well-equipped facility
  • Stress relieving by skilled and certified third party
  • On-site inspections by independent contractor

repair, rebuild and machining of BOP components

RS Machine repairs and rebuilds BOP Gates

Body: bores, cavities, ring grooves/faces, stud holes, outlets and door faces
Doors: pin bores and spacing, packing bores, seal face
Hinge Block: pin bore and height
Bonnet: ports and cavities
Cylinder: ports and tubes
Ram Block & Carriers: rebuild

BOP gates, BOP doors and hinge blocks, cylinders, bonnets

RS Machine repairs and rebuilds Sphericals/Annulars

Upper Housing: ring grooves/faces, std holes, bores and spheres
Lower Housing: ring grooves, stud holes, height, I.D., seal grooves, lift lugs, load testing and GK Chimney
Piston: O.D., I.D. and foot
Adapter ring: seal grooves and I.D.

spericals, annulars, ring grooves, pistons

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