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Hydro Turbine Repair

With the phase out of coal fired electricity plants in Alberta. R.S. Machine & Manufacturing Ltd. can offer responsible Reliable cost-effective solutions for Hydro Turbine Repair In and outside Alberta.

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R.S.M. 11" 5 K Single Gate Bop's

R.S. Machine has been repairing these parts for decades. We are proud see all the parts finally put together in a complete R.S.M- 11" 5000 L.W.S. Body. All the castings are Canadian made and C.N.C. machined here at R.S. ...

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R.S. Machine & Manufacturing adds Lathe to its fleet of C.N.C.'s

R.S. Machine has added a new Lathe to its fleet of C.N.C.’s. It is the L&L LD 45 X 80 Flatbed C.N.C. Lathe. R.S. Machine continues to reduce costs by implementing new technologies so that we can supply a more competitive product to our valued ...

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R.S. Machine, New Bop Hinge Blocks

                      R.S. Machine has New replacement Hinge Blocks for 11” 5000 LWS, 11” 3000 LWS & 9” 3000 LWP Bodies. 100% Canadian ...

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