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R.S.M. 11" 5 K Single Gate Bop's

R.S. Machine has been repairing these parts for decades. We are proud see all the parts finally put together in a complete R.S.M- 11" 5000 L.W.S. Body. All the castings are Canadian made and C.N.C. machined here at R.S. ...

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R.S. Machine & Manufacturing adds Lathe to its fleet of C.N.C.'s

R.S. Machine has added a new Lathe to its fleet of C.N.C.’s. It is the L&L LD 45 X 80 Flatbed C.N.C. Lathe. R.S. Machine continues to reduce costs by implementing new technologies so that we can supply a more competitive product to our valued ...

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R.S. Machine, New Bop Hinge Blocks

                      R.S. Machine has New replacement Hinge Blocks for 11” 5000 LWS, 11” 3000 LWS & 9” 3000 LWP Bodies. 100% Canadian ...

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R.S.M. 11" 5K Single Gate Bop's, 100% Canadian Made

R.S. Machine & Manufacturing Ltd. is introducing our own line of Bop’s. Starting with 11" 5k Single Gates, we are pleased that we can say that all the castings are made in Canada. All the components and workings will be manufactured ...

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